What Our Clients Say about Us

The following testimonials are but a few of the nice things our clients have said about us.  Reference lists for both buyers and sellers, are available upon request.

"Given the multitude of barriers that we faced going into this together, it is nothing shy of a miracle that we were able to accomplish so much, so fast.  You [Carol] should be very proud of yourself.  I hope and trust that the management of your firm recognizes and acknowledges your commitment to integrity and performance, because it is impeccable."  -  David S.

 " Working with Carol was a joy.  She is hardworking, organized,professional, efficient, energetic and enthusiastic.  She turned a scary occasion into a smooth, easy ride.  I can't even believe how simple the whole process was, thanks to her." - Dian L.

"I have worked with Carol E. McEwen both as a buyer and seller, and can assure you that she will be a tremendous asset to you on either side of a real estate transaction.  Carol has everything you will need in a Realtor: years of experience, lots of energy and creativity, attention to all the details -- small and large -- in the transaction, high ethics, and communication and 'people' skills that are both effective and genuine.  After working with Carol, it will be obvious to you how much she loves her job and appreciated having you as a customer.  Moreover, as buying and selling a house can cause stress for many of us, you can be assured that Carol will make it as painless as possible." - Dan R.

"I wanted to thank you [Jinx] for everything you and Carol did for me during the sale of my home.  From the first meeting we had, I felt so comfortable with you, and I knew that you would take my best interests to heart.  The fact that you were able to answer my questions knowledgeably, but clearly, really put me at ease.  The support you gave me during the whole preparation process leading up to the showing was invaluable.  Even when I was worried, you kept your cool, and offered support and guidance that really made all the difference.  So many people who had been in my house numerous times, commented on how the little changes you suggested made all the difference!  Guiding me through the contract negotiation process is where you really earned you keep.  Managing to keep up with all the phone calls and faxes, and being able to distill all the information into the bottom line, while keeping my wants and needs top priority throughout the process was quite a talent.  The fact that my house went on the market and sold in the same day is a testament to your hard work and dedication." - Cynthia B.

"When I met Carol at an open house in March I was ambivalent about what sort of house to buy or where.  But by the end of April, my husband and I were the owners of a beautiful house in Arlington.  We would not have this house if it weren't for Carol.  From the start, she was organized, energetic, enthusiastic and informed.  She is charming even when she's telling you what to do.  In fact, her signature perseverance pulled the deal off.  She dogged the seller, getting him to approve changes to the contract when the listing agent couldn't even get him on the phone.  In short, I would recommend Carol to anyone looking for a house in Virginia and they would be lucky to get her." - Barbara R.

 "As you [Jinx] know, I had already done quite a bit of background reading on purchasing a home before I came to you for help.  Despite all of that information, questions still came up, and you were always able to answer them.  You patiently took me through every step of the mountain of forms and kept explaining everything until I understood.  I also appreciate how you listened to what I wanted, such as a secure building, a safe neighborhood, and easy access to public transportation, as well as what my limitations were, like the cap on the property's sale price.  You worked miracles to stay within those guidelines, and found just the right property for me.  And you definitely searched far and wide to find a place that was a good fit. . . . All of your hard work made this process practically painless.  And your expertise with handling questionable sellers and their agents helped me stay calm during those interesting times after we submitted our bids.  I will definitely be calling you again when I am ready to expand my real estate empire." - Leza C.

"Dear Jinx,  Roger and I want to thank you very much for your delicious pumpkin bread.  We did enjoy it.  But, most of all we want to thank you for being so patient with us over these past eight months.  Everything you did to help sell our house is very much appreciated.  You bent over backwards to do everything you were asked to do plus more.  You were patient and gracious no matter what day or time we called you.  You made selling a house as stressless as you could for us and we want you to know how much your thoughtfulness was and is appreciated.  We wish you the best in your future.  All the best, Lori & Roger" A.

"Dear Carol, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and exceptional service in finding me my new home.  Your expertise and professionalism are certainly wonderful, but it was the "human touch' you gave that I appreciated the most, for that is what is so often missing these days.  This was not an easy thing to do for many reasons (buying my house), but you gave me peace of mind that really helped. This has made a world of difference to me, and I hope that knowing this brings rewardeds to you.  Thank you!  Sincerely, Janet" T.

"Dear Carol and Jerry, . . . Now that we're beginning to settle in after our move, we want to express our gratitude for your expertise in selling our house in Arlington.  We valued your professionalism and wisdom throughout the precess.  You made it painless!  We will recommend you to friends in Arlington, and feel free to use us as references, if needed.  Thank you again for everything.  All the best, Kathy & Mike" Mc.

"Dear Carol & Jerry,  . . . My other recent unique experience was working with you both.  You were absolutely wonderful to me.  You made this process work seamlessly and you made me feel like a valued friend.  I truly felt that I was in the hands of a trusted, professional couple who really cared about the people they work with.  Thank you so much for all you did to see that the Williamsburg becomes my new home-away-from-home.  I truly value your friendship & your counsel.  Most Sincerely, Dian" P.

 "Hello Jerry, Carol and Jinx!"  . . . When you accepted our offer to represent us in the sale of our house, you certainly confirmed the correctness of our intuitive bent to retain you as our realtor.  Your work with us during the less than two months that it took you to sell our house in a tough real estate market again proved the wisdom of our decision.  The initial brochure you prepared and distributed featuring our home was a brilliamt masterpiece, the strategy you designed and followed to sell our house, your keeping us informed in an understandable way of all the nuances and vagaries of the real estate market, your continuing flow of advice on how to respond to inspections required in the sales contract, your timeliness in responding intelligibly to our many questions, your candor and realism in dealing with us at all times, your strong advocacy on our behalf, and your attention to the ethical prractices of your profession, all combined ultimately to yield a most successful real estate transaction for us. . . . With warmest regards, Tom & Barbara" S.

"Dear Carol and Jerry,  . . . I'm sure we will be in touch before our departure, but Jean and I want to express our appreciation to you both for the thoroughly professional, and successful, management of the house sale.  Particularly impressive, we believe, was your proactive approach to the issues, attention to detail, and effort to keep us fully informed throughout the process.  Best wishes to you in the future.  Sincerely, Diane" S.

"Hi Carol,  I want to thank you again for doing such an amazing job for me.  I cannot say again how much I appreciate the way you handled all the details after the walkthrough with me being here in Ca. [sic] It made such a difference knowing that I could count on you to make it happen, otherwise I would have totally stressed out about this.  I am especially greateful for you reaching Thomas at the 11th hour to come in and take care of the attic junk, etc. before closing.  You have been so fantastic to work with in every respect, from the way we decided on the pricing to list the property to all the logistics you managed with my travel to Europe in the midst of everything.  There is no way I could have trusted just anybody to manage everything so flawlessly -- and get the place sold for me so fast!  Of course, I will call you if I ever decide to return to Virginia and buy another place although the way I am enjoying it here is Ca. [sic] now it does not seem likely!  Take care, Cyndia" B

"Dear Carol: . . . I just wanted to thank you again for everything you and Jinx did for me during the sale of my home.  From the initial presentation and market analysis meetings, I thought, this lady has got it together!  She really knows her stuff.  I appreciate the candid suggestions you made for improvements, and feel that following those suggestions helped to create a polished look for the showing.  You certainly earned your keep under fire during the contract negotiations.  To keep up with so many different contracts at once, and be able to review them quickly, and break them down for me in English was amazing.  I was quite impressed with the dedication you showed, and you made me feel that you were taking my best interests to heart throughout the whole process.  I have already recommended you to a few people I know, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.  You are knowledgeable, yet charming - a rare combinaion of traits among realtors these days.  Thank you for making the sale process such a pleasure!  Sincerely, Chythia" B.

"Dear Carol,  We can't even begin to tell you how thrilled we are both that we found a home and that we fhould you!  We truly appreciate all the wisdom, insight, knowledge, and professionalysm you brought to our search for a home.  You relaly made this happen for us and we are so grateful.  Thank you so much!  Sincerely, Jenny, Jason" S.

"Dear Carol and Jerry,  Thank you so much for the excellent service you gave us in selling our home in Arlington and buying one in Reston.  You don't need us to tell you that the details of such an operation can be overwhelming, even maddening, but you always had them covered.  You made yourselves available when we needed you and provided a steady stream of useful and accurate information as well as good advice.  You anticipated concerns and had plans of action ready.  During the weeks we all worked together, we came to see you as friends we could count on.  If you need a reference at any time, count on us.  And please stay in touch.  All the best, " Steve T. and Stephenie O.

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